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January 2017

Various educational and recreational activities for the overall development, started with a gala picnic.


7th January – Annual picnic with parents, staff, teachers and children.


9th January - PATH Planning by Keystone Institute, India and Ms. Ratnaboli Ray was present to share her valuable inputs.


10th January – Engagement session with parents for re-thinking disability.


11th January – Press Conference at Press Club for one day Social Role Valorisation (SRV) workshop.


12th January – Transcendent Knowledge Society(TKS), partnered with Keystone Institute, India for one day Social Role Valorisation workshop at Floatel hotel. There were more than 50 participants from all the leading organisations of Kolkata who attended the workshop.


24th January – In house activities of Wonder House, a unit of TKS. A Tangy Achaari afternoon session.


February 2017

1st February – An inclusive Saraswati Puja was organised in the community followed by an art camp by the local people.






11th February – Narrative Therapy organised by UMMEED, Mumbai and Mental Health Foundation, Kolkata.




14th February – In house activity – Valentines Day celebration to enhance the bondage and love among the friends and teachers.







March 2017

11th March – There was an inclusive Holi celebration – “Colours of Life” supported by a volunteer group “A Little Contribution”. Our students presented a small cultural performance and played with dry organic colours.







22nd March – In house activity – We celebrate each and every child's birthday in our school in order to make them participate in celebrations of life.




April 2017

2nd April – Celebration of World Autism Day with support from LIONS CLUB of Calcutta Roshni. It was celebrated to showcase the unique, positive and colourful sides of children with autism. It was celebrated with music, storytelling and performance by our students.







8th April – Dance Movement Therapy workshop to empower the teachers.







22nd April – Workshop on introduction of Digital World for differently abled children in association with AIMS Media.








May 2017

6th-9th May – Two days workshop on structure teaching by Sarbani Mukherjee Mallick, Executive Director of Bubbles Centre for Autism, Bangalore to empower parents, at Manovikas Kendra in association with APPA. Four days in house training for teachers and staff by the teachers from Bangalore.








13th-14th May – National Conference on Sexuality and Disability.






20th May – An overnight adventure camp to Mandarmani with children,

parents, teachers and staff of TKS.














June 2017

23rd  June – In house activity – Rath Yatra Celebration.






July 2017

13th-14th July – In house activity- Monsoon Camp. - Day 1
13th-14th July – In house activity- Monsoon Camp. - Day 2

August 2017

5th-6th August – Dance Movement Therapy, “SANDHI”, conducted by Veronica from Sweden to empower the parents and teachers.








10th August – In house activity – Pre INDEPENDENCE DAY Celebration.

We develop social skills as a part of training through different pretend play activities.











12th August – International Conference on Segregation to Inclusion – The Way Forward.









25th August – In house activity - Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration.








September 2017

5th September – In house activity – Teacher's Day Celebration.







16th September – In house activity – Pre Durga Puja Celebration – “Dhaaker Taale”.










October 2017

18th October  –  In  house  activity  –  Diwali Celebration.










November 2017

29th October-12th November – Conference on Leadership

Mental Health Training by "Sangath", Goa.











14th November – In house activity – Children's Day Celebration.












17th November – One day workshop at The Banyan Academy of Leadership In Mental Health (BALM), Chennai as a part of faculty with

Keystone Institute India.







December 2017

3rd December – Transcendent Knowledge Society, a member of Disability Activist Forum (DAF), participated in an awareness walk to celebrate World Disability Day.